Hello, kunjhani. I’m Nhlangano.

I’m a creator.
I design things, build things, and I do some other things.

About Me

I trace my career path back to a beige Windows ‘98 computer my parents got for us back in primary school. Soon enough I had dismantled it like all the other things with screws in the house, partially putting it back together to doodle on paint. 

Nothing has really changed, except I think I’ve gotten better at putting things I dismantle back together. I am tinkerer with a love for beautifully designed stuff.

Some of my work


Words, Pictures & Stuff


Project Drumatic Soul

The Challenge To brand the township based house music super producers, DRUMATIC SOUL, in an effort to reflect and enhance their international appeal. My Role Designer Design Process Exploring existing trends in the electronic dance music scene. The Solution Design a...

Strange Love

Strange love, a song by Mick Jenkins. writing this thinking why i'm using an american artist's music as inspiration for my first ever blog post, hai whatever, Thando put me onto his music and confirmation bias has me loving this song.

 Love maybe too...

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