Strange Love.

On the love of people, work, design, money and stuff

Strange love, a song by Mick Jenkins. writing this thinking why i’m using an american artist’s music as inspiration for my first ever blog post, hai whatever, Thando put me onto his music and confirmation bias has me loving this song.

Love maybe too strong a word to describe feelings towards a song, or it isn’t. Is love a feeling though, or a principle. I just googled the two terms feeling and principle to see if they can even be used to describe love.

google says “YES”

Principles are that stuff that serves as the basis for the things you believe and do, the seed thoughts, the core stuff, the why, the real stuff. An example, I could’ve titled this blog post “U Thando” after one of the songs on the New Revolution Album Moshito, but that would be blatant marketing move because I designed the album art but as a principle I don’t move like that, I’ll write it two paragraphs in and as another principle I’m an entrepreneur and  i’ll use every opportunity to self promote.

Feelings come and go kinda like, uhm something that comes and goes. That crap doesn’t last. i was going to write a long blogpost but now i don’t feel like it.

In swift conclusion as fallacious as my argument may be i choose to see love as a principled thing. I give thanx and praise for the products of principle, Families, friends, lovers, and all of those annoying people you keep around as a matter of principle, your love.

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